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The 53 Talking Tunes with Brian and Tom

Brian Simms and Tom Moon are bandmates with Lisa Mathews in their Grammy-nominated kid-friendly band Milkshake. After years on the road together listening to these two banter, Lisa knew there was a place for them on Young at Heart. At first, she thought maybe they could just do the weather report or talk about their favorite cheese. But after bringing them into the station one day, she just let them go and all they wanted to talk about were their favorite songs. Talking Tunes was born! Unless there's an artist interview on the show, you'll hear these musicians talk about a song followed by the song itself. Brian has sung and played keyboards, accordion, harmonica and even clarinet in countless bands; Tom has been a drummer and comedian for most of his dog-filled life. Here are all 53 Talking Tunes recorded for Young at Heart. Enjoy!
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